Burnham Repair and Upgrades for your Covers, Bags, and Slings

At Burnham we want your custom covers to last a lifetime! 

After listening to our customers, and repairing some products, we know which items are likely to wear out.  We are now offering a repair service that is also an upgrade to our latest fabrics and components.

For a Cover Repair, we will Upgrade & Install:  

  • New Custom Re-designed Bow & Stern Ends including Safety Loops at each end of the cover
  • New YKK #10 Marine Zipper
  • New Fin Velcro
  • Re-designed Stern Flag with integrated Reflective tape

For an Accessory Bag Repair, we will completely replace your old zipper with a new YKK #8 Marine Zipper designed to extend the functional life of your Oar and Rigger bags.

How it works:

  1. Purchase the appropriate Cover or Bag Upgrade and return shipping costs (links below)
  2. Box up your cover and send to back us at the address below:
  3. Burnham Boat Slings, 57 Hanover ST, Lebanon NH 03766, USA
  4. Please include a print out of your order.
  5. We will try to return your upgraded cover within 2 weeks!

For an Sling Repair, we can send you new Cradles with or without Team Customization. Smaller Cradles for 1x, 2-/x, or Kayaks or Larger Cradles for 4+/-/x, 8+s, and wide hulls.

Accessory Bag Repair and Upgrade

Single Rowing Shell Cover Repair and Upgrade

Double Rowing Shell Cover Repair and Upgrade

Quad/Four/+/- Rowing Shell Repair and Upgrade

Eight+ Rowing Shell Repair and Upgrade